Counselor Lucy Joins THRIVEGulu! Part 2/2

In this second post, Lucy shares the rest of her story and joining the counseling team.  Lucy waits for her next client session on the grounds of the THRIVEGulu center “The in-depth individual and group counselling has more time, better solution, builds better self-image and leads to improved functionality. It is the power of the integrative […]

Counselor Lucy joins THRIVEGulu! Part 1/2

Lucy is the newest member of the THRIVEGulu counseling team. Her hire was made possible by the generous support from the summer campaign partnership with Johnson & Johnson and CARINGCROWD. During a recent interview, Lucy shared her background and counseling experiences. I decided to become a counselor because I like the work and I do […]

The Most Significant Changes in VSLA Groups

In northern Uganda many women are living life of vulnerability. War which took more than 25 years had affected many families especially child education for girls. Today women are engaging themsleves in VSLA as their main source of saving money for future reference. In East Africa, people observe dry season as the time for resting […]


My Visit to Gulu

I had the opportunity to visit Uganda this past July with a group from ThriveGulu. I was so excited about my trip and my chance to fulfill a dream of mine to go to Africa. There were many great experiences, but my favorite part of the trip was meeting with the women from two of the women’s groups.  They were so friendly from […]

Meet Thriver Grace

The great truth in this world is that most people are looking for the same things. Health, happiness, and a better life for themselves and their families. Grace is no different. Grace lives in Anywang Village, Uganda with her five children, and she works hard every day with the dream of paying for their schooling […]


16 Days of Activism

  Thousands of women and schoolgirls at the Gulu District Administration Block One of our priorities at THRIVEGulu is to continue our active involvement in community events regarding current issues facing women in Uganda. Each year, THRIVE participates in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. It is a yearly international campaign to challenge […]