We are Ribe Ber Waneno.

We started this group because it is not always easy for former abductees to be back in the community. Sometimes people would insult us and call us killers. So we came together to form a group to support one another and improve our livelihoods. We hope to start a poultry business together. Some of us are also participating in THRIVEGulu's group therapy program, in order to get the mental health support they need. We know we can change our community by working together.

I am Kenneth.

ribe-ber-waneno_portraitI was abducted by the LRA and stayed in the bush for 3 years. Today, with the support of the group, my friend and I are doing capentry work. Out of saving, I have also bought 6 goats and a cow. I am supporting one of my children to attend primary school. Soon I plan to buy some land to farm and build on.

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