Grace is Accomplishing her Dream!


Grace is one of the remarkable women currently participating in the THRIVEGulu Village Savings and Loan groups. As a 60 year old woman, she was appointed as the secretary for the group for one year and later became the chairperson. Grace had been struggling to feed herself and her four grandchildren under her care. None of them were able to attend school. Since joining the group, she has been saving money on a weekly basis. Today Grace is able to pay school fees for her grandchildren and on time! Additionally, her savings was enough to use part of the money to grow crops. Grace happily shares this now provides her family with 3 well-balanced meals a day.

When asked what being a part of the THRIVEGulu group has meant to her, Grace shared that she is thankful to be making it on her own and supporting her family the way she always imagined. Additionally, THRIVEGulu introduced adult literacy classes where Grace learned how to read and write in Acholi. She can’t wait to start the ABC business class. As for the future, Grace is now saving up to buy her own piece of land where her family can live safely and securely. The idea of having a home of her own was once a dream that Grace could not imagine happening in her lifetime. Thanks to hard work and the THRIVEGulu group, her dreams are starting to come true!