Sponsorship FAQs

1. How does group sponsorship work?

Individuals and community groups can give monthly or annually to one of THRIVEGulu’s savings and support groups. We have profiles of each group for you to learn more about their stories.

We encourage community groups such as churches, book clubs, sports teams, or other social groups, as well as offices or businesses, to join together to sponsor a “sister group” in full. Individuals can also contribute to a group, at any level, and join together with our other sponsors to reach the group’s sponsorship goal.

2. Where does the sponsorship money go?

To increase the impact of your sponsorship, it’s combined with the contributions of our other group sponsors to fund our group programs. Together, our community of sponsors invests in the success of all of our groups.

Sponsorship gifts go entirely into our programs- you can be sure that it will not be used to fund administrative overhead expenses. Your sponsorship directly ensures that groups will have access to THRIVEGulu’s comprehensive approach to trauma healing, which includes mental health, economic empowerment, and basic education programs.

We provide individual, family, and group counseling services for group members who are experiencing depression and trauma. We also educate the groups on mental health issues and how to get help. We train groups in how to manage group savings and loan activities, so that they can save together and provide group members with small loans to start small businesses or cover large expenses such as school fees. We also train groups on business planning and management and provide them with seed money so that they can work together to start income generating activities. Finally, we work with the groups to deliver our Acoli-English literacy program, which gives group members who were unable to finish their education a chance to learn to read and write.

Groups might be in different stages of our programming, depending on how long they have been working with us, but each group receives the same access to the same services. We also work with the groups to assess their needs and goals and make a plan for how best to support them.

3. How much should I give?

The sponsorship goal for each group is $2,500. This is roughly what it costs per group per year for us to provide our programs. Raising that amount can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as:

• Divide the total amongst your group of friends (book club, church group etc.)- for example, 25 people give $100

• Divide the total amongst your group of friends (book club, church group etc.) and sign up for recurring monthly donations- for example, 10 people give $20.25 a month

• Make your best gift at any level, and combine with other THRIVEGulu supporters to reach the goal for your group. Your gift to your group at any level still makes an impact!

Your sponsorship gift does not hinge on your group reaching its $2,500 goal- all gifts will go toward programming for your group and you will receive the full benefits of being a sponsor, regardless of whether or not we reach the goal.

You can give either monthly or annually. We do encourage recurring donations, in order to provide sustained support for the groups.

4. As a sponsor, what can I expect from THRIVEGulu?

We will send all sponsors quarterly updates and messages from your group. THRIVEGulu also arranges annual advocacy trips for our donors, if you would like to come to Gulu and meet your group. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

All donations are tax deductible, and we will provide you with an annual tax receipt.

5. Can I communicate with my group?

We hope that sponsoring a group will be a valuable way to connect with our community of Thrivers. You will receive regular messages and letters from your group. If you would like to send messages or letters to your group, we are happy to facilitate that process. Sponsors can mail or email letters to THRIVEGulu's US office and we will deliver them to our groups in Gulu.

6. Why should I sponsor with THRIVEGulu?

Our group members’ stories speak for themselves, and provide endless inspiration for us at THRIVEGulu. We encourage you to explore the group profiles to connect and learn more. Our group sponsorship program is centered around creating a personal connection between our community of supporters and our community in Gulu. With your sponsorship, you’re showing that together, we THRIVE!