Planning for a bright future

Mothers work so hard to make the future for their children bright. One of our group members, Vicky is an inspirational example of this, as a strong mother and leader in her household and her community. 49-year-old Vicky lives in “Orubu” with her family. She has six children (5 girls and a boy). She never […]

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A new chapter for Innocent

16-year-old Innocent lives with her mother Nyeka in Ajan village, in rural Northern Uganda. For the last few years, Innocent has suffered from epilepsy which nearly killed her one day on her way back home from school. She fell in a drainage ditch during the episode, but her friend helped save her. Before that,  her […]


A cow for Alice

Four years ago, 50-year-old Alice joined the VSLA group down the road from her village just outside Gulu in Orubu, Layibi. All these years, Alice had kept her plan for her savings to herself. Neither her friends or fellow group members knew her plan. She only let her husband in on the reason for her […]


Mental health stories from the field

As our mental health work in rural villages under the USAID SAFE program continues in the new year, we’re starting to see some very positive results. We recently got the chance to talk to some of those program participants in the field about the lessons they’ve learned from this project and their ongoing struggles. At […]


Cheryl’s trip to Gulu

As I sat on the plane during our 17 hour journey to Gulu, Uganda in March, I realized I had no idea what to expect. Living my life in Alexandria, Virginia as a nanny, mother, grandmother, neighbor, and friend, keeps me busy and occupied in my own safe world. I knew my daughter Laura, one […]


Starting a conversation on depression

THRIVEGulu is working to reduce depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress in our conflict-affected communities in Gulu. We support 25 savings groups to learn more about the effects of mental health problems and access quality mental health services. Recently, our visiting volunteer psychologist, Marie, and Lucy, one of our counselors, visited one of our groups during […]

Dorothy’s trip to Gulu

This guest post was written by Dorothy (above, left, in the market in Gulu), one of our loyal supporters. In March, I traveled with 8 other US women as an Advocacy Group for THRIVEGulu to Gulu, Uganda. There, we volunteered for five days at the THRIVE Center, meeting many of the 1000 people empowered through […]