Tackling mental health in rural school communities

The conflict in Northern Uganda caused widespread trauma and destroyed systems of care and support. Mental health services are often virtually inaccessible to those suffering from trauma, depression, and other mental health needs in Northern Uganda.  We at THRIVEGulu, in pursuit of our post-conflict trauma healing mission, are working hard to change this. In partnership […]


Albert’s drive to success

Albert is a member of “Rubanga Miyo” savings group. When THRIVEGulu introduced its programs to his village in 2012, Albert saw the promise of coming together with other members of his community to support one another. He joined the group and started saving everything he could. During his second year in the group, members began […]


Jane becomes her family’s main provider

Jane has improved her business and her family’s life since joining THRIVEGulu’s Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) program. Before joining the VSLA, Jane had never participated in any community groups, had not followed a regular savings plan, and never had an opportunity to generate her own income. Jane is married, a mother of three […]


Grace saves to support her family

“I used to work in my restaurant from 8:00am to 9:00pm every day, but no matter how many hours I worked I could not earn enough to provide for my four children and my deceased brother’s five children,” Grace, 34, says. Two years ago, her close friend helped her join Akwo Kwene VSLA group. Since […]


Kevin’s business story

Kevin has been a member of Winye Ber group since 2014,  after seeing the benefits of savings from her friends who were in the group. “Before I joined the group, I used to keep my money in a cash box under my bed, because I didn’t know about group savings,” says Kevin. She has three […]


Olive moves to Gulu Main Market!

Olive joined her Village Savings and Loan (VSLA) group in 2011, after hearing about the positive experiences of other members in the group. Later she was elected chairperson of her group. She started saving her money every week. She also decided to borrow a loan of 500,000 UGX (about $150) from the group, which she […]


Harriet’s pharmacy

“I was once employed to do menial jobs to enable me to take good care of our children’s needs, particularly their education, health and feeding,” says Harriet. “Sine THRIVEGulu introduced us to Village Savings Loans Association (VSLA), we no longer have to worry about being rejected by the bank to borrow loans, since we’re able […]


Extending badly needed mental health services to rural areas

During the conflict in Northern Uganda, many health centers and schools, particularly in rural areas, were destroyed. Professional staff were displaced along with most of the rest of the population of Northern Uganda, and many found opportunities elsewhere and didn’t return. Today, the government of Uganda is still trying to rebuild medical and educational infrastructure. […]