Kevin’s business story


Kevin has been a member of Winye Ber group since 2014,  after seeing the benefits of savings from her friends who were in the group. “Before I joined the group, I used to keep my money in a cash box under my bed, because I didn’t know about group savings,” says Kevin.

She has three children, and all of her focus is on giving the best to her children. Her daily goal is to provide what is necessary for their healthy growth and education. Kevin also saves her money in the group so she doesn’t have to depend on her husband as the only source of income for her and the family.

With her hard work and savings, Kevin has started her small business in “Custom corner market ” where she sell greens, tomatoes, fish and other small items.

“I am very thankful to THRIVEGulu, because they have made us realize that we are not poor. Before, we had no chance for saving and planning, but now almost all the members in our group are running their own small business,” says Kevin. “My whole life has changed now; feeding the family, buying clothing, and paying medical costs are not all that challenging in my family anymore.” You could hear the pride in her voice when she was saying that.

Her group managed to save a total of about 12 million UGX (about $3,500) last year. This year, Kevin wants to save even more and work with her husband to construct a three room house on their plot of land in Custom Corner. They’ve already managed to save 4 million UGX (about $1,100).

She concluded by saying that she is so grateful to both her group and THRIVEGulu for bringing her and her family up and helping her shine.