Planning for a bright future


Mothers work so hard to make the future for their children bright. One of our group members, Vicky is an inspirational example of this, as a strong mother and leader in her household and her community.

49-year-old Vicky lives in “Orubu” with her family. She has six children (5 girls and a boy). She never got the chance to go to school because her parents had no money to pay her school fees as she was growing up.

A few years ago, Vicky realized she didn’t want to wait for her husband to bring home money for her. Her husband is a teacher, so he brings home a steady wage, but it still isn’t enough to support their big family, and Vicky wanted to contribute to the household herself. So she decided to join the savings group in order to have her own money in hand when she needs it, and to plan for the future of her children.

Vicky started out saving only 5000 UGX shillings (about $1.50) a week, but she has grown more and more devoted to the group, and now she is the chairperson of her TRIVEGulu group, Ribe Ber Orubu (Unity is Good). Last year, she managed to save 400,000 UGX, and it was her first time to have such kind of money cash in hand.

She did not spend the money any recklessly, they planned it well together with the husband. “My daughter was able to finish senior school and pass her exams because of the hard work my husband and I did,” she says.

All the past years, she has been working hard and savings at the same time. Today Vicky also has her own land that she had bought and an acre of cassava that she planted, all from her savings in the group. “What I always struggle for is for the well-being of my children. I want them to live peaceful lives- even if I went through a difficult moment, it doesn’t mean they need to go through the same difficulties. I have no educational background but doesn’t mean I don’t know how to raise them be a good citizens,” Vicky says. This year she plans to construct a two room house on her land.

Vicky appeals to all women to know they can make a difference in their lives and their communities by working hard, setting goals and planning for the future.

Prepared by Jacob Odokonyero